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The Vox Escort came out in 1975 and was Vox’ first battery-powered practice amp. This baby-AC30 has about 3 Watts of power, which it puts out through a 5-inch Elac-speaker. The diminutive Escort stayed in the company’s line-up until 1983.

The first run of combos was battery-power only, using huge 9V -batteries, called PP9, but already in 1976 the dual-power Escort Battery-Mains -model was put into production.


My own Vox Escort is an ex-battery-only combo, which a previous owner had already converted to AC-powered, when I bought it some ten years ago.

The Escort features two inputs – Normal and Brilliant – as well as two controls – Volume and Tone.

The genuine Battery-Mains-version has a slightly different layout, as well as a power-selector and a fuse compartment on the control panel:

photo: © The Vox Showroom


On the cabinet’s right-hand side you’ll find a line out…

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